Blink - a term with different and occasionally adverse meanings. “A look in astonishment or disbelief”, “an instant”, “a quick look or glimpse; a glance”, “to be surprised or amazed”, “to be startled or dismayed” - the meanings which convey quick observation and amazement.  But then there are also the meanings which are quite contrary: “to ignore deliberately; disregard; evade”.  And then there is the meaning of messaging and conversing: “to transmit (a message) with a flashing light”, “to shine intermittently, as in signalling”, “a gleam; glimmer”. 

Photographs on this site are my very personal blinks. They bear testimony of my never ending surprise and amazement with life.  They witness the instances of my life. They testify where I go and what I look at, but, more important,  signal my dreams,  hopes and emotions. I know little about photography in spite of having had various cameras for decades. I know a bit about life. Yet, I try to put the two together. Hopefully, these photographs convey the awe I feel watching the world go by.  Hopefully, they also say something about the shape of all our lives here and now.